How To Size A Liquid Control Valve

Sizing a control valve means selecting a valve with the correct size orifice to allow good control of flow rate within a required range. There are other important factors to consider when selecting a control valve, such as valve type and valve characteristic but this article will concentrate on valve sizing. Sizing a control valve… Continue reading How To Size A Liquid Control Valve

How To Size A Pump

To size a pump, you must define: The flow rate of liquid the pump is required to deliver The total differential head the pump must generate to deliver the required flow rate This is the case for all types of pumps: centrifugal or positive displacement. Other key considerations for pump sizing are the net positive… Continue reading How To Size A Pump

Pressure Equipment Directive FAQs

6 months ago we published our free “Process Engineers Guide to the Pressure Equipment Directive“.  Since then the guide has been downloaded by readers from all around the world.  Many people have emailed us with further questions related to the PED or have requested help with classifying fluids and categorising equipment, so, based on this feedback we have compiled… Continue reading Pressure Equipment Directive FAQs

Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients

To carry out quick heat exchanger calculations, an estimate of the overall heat transfer coefficient usually needs to be made.  Some typical values for the overall heat transfer coefficient for a variety of different types of heat exchanger are listed below. The values can be used in the Blackmonk Heat Exchanger Calculator. The reference values have… Continue reading Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients

Free Pressure Equipment Directive Guide

Sign up for the free Pressure Equipment Directive guide Over the last couple of years I’ve worked on a number of projects that have involved the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive (or PED as it’s sometime known).  The Directive is legislation which aims to ensure that pressure equipment used within the EU is safe.  For the… Continue reading Free Pressure Equipment Directive Guide

Save Up To 80% of Project Costs

Blackmonk Engineering has been approved as a registered supplier on the Business Link North East England Service Providers Register.  This means that our customers could be eligible for up to 80% funding for qualifying projects.  To find out more please contact us.

Updated Website

We’ve been updating our website over the past couple of weeks to make it more user friendly.  We hope you like it.  Comments can now be left directly via the site on various pages and the navigation has been improved.  The free calculators are still there and now they should be easier to find! In addition we’ve added a… Continue reading Updated Website