Pressure Equipment Directive Calculator

This calculator determines the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) category of piping, steam generators and vessels.

You need to specify the maximum allowable pressure and either the vessel volume or pipe diameter depending on the type of equipment you are classifying.  You also need to specify the fluid state and the fluid group.  The fluid state can be liquid or gas.  Basically if the fluid is hazardous it is a Group 1 fluid, otherwise it is a Group 2 fluid.

Free PED Guide

We are giving away a free guide to the Pressure Equipment Directive to everyone who signs up to recieve our email newsletters.  The guide explains how to determine the PED category for piping, steam generators and vessels including how to determine fluid state and fluid group classifications.  If you would like to download this free guide, please fill in your name and email address in the box on the right.

If you would like us to do the Pressure Equipment Directive categorisation of your equipment, please contact us.

Useful Links

BERR Guidance Notes
EU Pressure Equipment Directive 

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  1. Choose the equipment type from:
    • Vessel
    • Piping
    • Steam Generator
  2. Choose the fluid group from:
    • 1 for hazardous fluids
    • 2 for non-hazardous fluids
  3. Choose the fluid state from:
    • Gas
    • Liquid
  4. Enter the defining dimension for the equipment type:
    • Volume in litres for a vessel
    • Nominal pipe diameter in mm for piping
  5. Enter the maximum allowable pressure in bar gauge
  6. Click the “Calculate” button
  7. Note that fluid group and fluid state do not apply to Steam Generators


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  1. Very useful the tool. I will appreciate if you can tell me what we can use for steam pipes?, do you have calculator services?

    1. Hi Nicolas,

      Thanks for the feedback. Steam pipes should be classified using “piping” as the equipment type.

      We do provide calculator services – please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

      Best regards,


    1. Hi Anthony,

      Pumps are often excluded from the Pressure Equipment Directive when pressure is not the significant design factor – see this link for more details

      If pressure is the significant design factor, a pump can be classified by using the piping and the vessel equipment types and selecting whichever gives the higher classification.

      The equipment type “Steam generator” only applies to steam raising equipment it should not be used for pumps.

      Best regards,


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